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Youth Corner

Maritime Marionettes

The Maritime Marionettes have performed legendary scenes on stages all across the world. From Hawaii to France, and many places in between, founding puppeteers Heather and Darryl have created immense amounts of joy and amazement for audiences of all ages. Established in 1986, this Nova Scotian company goes above and beyond with attention to detail to create the perfect show. Each minute of the show requires three hours of meticulous planning and practice. With their purple puppet wagon, they strive to make marionette entertainment accessible to all. Be prepared to be amazed by the intricacy and excitement of puppeteering at the Summerside Arts Festival!

Showtimes for "The Bremen Town Musicians": 11:30 am, 1:30 pm, 3:30 pm, 6:00 pm, 7:00 pm. 





Molly Whuppie

Molly Whuppie is a children's musician who delights young audiences with lively, interactive performances. She has a special place in her heart for community music that brings families together.

With over 675,000 social media fans, Molly Whuppie uploads daily videos featuring nostalgic and historical children's songs. Many of the songs she sings are folk classics from her own childhood while growing up on Prince Edward Island. Guided by her motto to “be kind and sing good songs,” Molly’s approach to music spreads joy to both young and old alike and reminds us of the enduring power of song.

Performing July 18th and 19th from 1-2 pm







Rosco the Clown

Rosco the Clown has delighted crowds on the historic lawn of Wyatt Heritage Properties for many years. This street performer can entertain audiences whether he is on foot, a pogo stick or riding a unicycle! He is sure to bring roaring laughter to the Youth Corner of the Summerside Arts Festival.


Performing July 17th, 18th, and 19th from 11-2 pm






Nick MacDonald

Join musician and educator Nick MacDonald for a joyful time of singing, moving, and playing! This fun and interactive performance is geared toward children of all ages. With a variety of songs, games, and activities, this event is sure to have something for everyone! 

Nick is known for his engaging leadership and his passion for building community through music. Based in the Kensington/Summerside area, he teaches music and movement classes for young children and offers performances and workshops focused on group singing, music education techniques, and the power of music to bring joy, compassion, and connection to our lives.


Performing July 19th from 2-3 pm.





Remi Boudreau

Presented by La Centre Belle-Alliance, Remi Boudreau is one of the most highly regarded magical entertainers in Atlantic Canada. With more than 1800 performances, this world-class magician promises an entertaining and amazing performance that will engage all audiences.

Imagine a mind-bending experience where borrowed objects vanish and reappear, float through the air, and challenge your perceptions of reality. From close-up magic to big stage illusions, Remi is sure to create a memorable event that spectators will be talking about for weeks after!


Performing July 17th from 1-3 pm



Marlene Cameron

Marlene Cameron has created a wonderful selection of artistic activities for the Summerside Arts Festival Youth Corner. While planning these activities, Marlene focused on making them accessible to all ages and artistic abilities. Featuring something for everyone, Monday will include learning about watercolour painting, decorating seashells and sticker fun. Tuesday’s activity time will cover making collages, coloring sheets, and building bugs! On Wednesday, young crafters can create a pastel masterpiece, beaded bracelets and more. Come see Marlene at the Youth Corner!


Marlene’s Craft Corner July 17th, 18th and 19th from 2-5 pm





Jim Sutherland

Jim has had a love for drums and percussion for as long as he can remember. From High School and community marching bands to stage to kitchen parties, he has played with many different people across many different genres and has found music truly is a universal language. One of his passions is finding the beat and music in everything around him. His journey began with traditional drums and expanded to include a diverse range of percussion instruments from around the world. This exploration allowed him to develop a versatile style and a profound appreciation for the rich tapestry of rhythms and beats that exist across various cultures.


Jim's style of play and teaching is inviting and encouraging as he seeks to draw out the abilities and rhythms that lie hidden inside all of us. His desire is to expand people's knowledge and belief in percussion as an instrument in a fun and engaging format, showing that you too can play. Performing July 17th from 1-2 pm

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