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Draw of Art 2019 Selection

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Thursday, November 21st 2019

Wyatt Heritage Properties Inc.'s

Annual Fundraiser back for 2019!

The “Draw of Art” is Wyatt Heritage Properties Incorporated’s main annual fundraising event. This fundraiser offers up the finest in art created and donated by Summerside and area artists and artisans in support of cultural initiatives undertaken by Wyatt Heritage Properties Inc. Tickets holders  enjoy an evening of live musical entertainment, fine food and the art draw in a stand up reception type format. The “Draw of Art” is proving not only successful as a fundraiser but as an awareness tool in informing the community of the rich artistic life in the city and surrounding areas.

How it works:

This evening of fine food and live music incorporates a draw of art that unfolds through the night. Each ticket holder is guaranteed to go home at the end of the evening with a original art piece. The arts community donate to the event each year and the artwork, or artisan creation, is always valued well over the event ticket price. The first ticket drawn that evening gets to make their selection from the entire collection of works. The second name selected gets second choice from the remaining works and so on until each ticket holder has been drawn and each has made a choice. The last ticket holder out of the hat does still get a choice of about three to five works. This event is a win-win for everyone. 


Because we know this is a busy time of year our event also accommodates those with previous commitments. Viewing the works in advance with an electronic means of prioritizing your preferences allows you to participate by proxy, we assign a delegate to act on behalf of those that cannot attend in person that evening.


This small upscale event features approximately 40 works of original art for 35 ticket holders. Each $100.00 ticket affords the ticket holder a work of art, an evening of fine food, live entertainment and a personal contribution to the growth and development of our online heritage resources. Past ticket holders not only attend to build their own collections of art but find the event is a perfect opportunity for gift giving.

To purchase tickets please call 902-432-1296 or visit the Lefurgey Cultural Centre at 205 Prince Street, Summerside.

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