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Tent Talks and Readings 

Monday, July 18, 2022


11 am – 12 noon

Title Talk: Improving your Everyday Photos!

Presenter: Buffie Boily

Program/Talk Description: Buffie will touch on simple ways to improve your own photos.  Topics such as composition, positioning surroundings and more will be discussed.  Easy ways to make fun photos you take in your everyday life as good as they could be, and maybe inspire you to start your own photographic art project.


About the Presenter: Buffie is a second generation professional photographer who owns and operates Buffie Boily Photographic Arts with her husband Sib Pye.  They are busy with all genres pf portrait photography as well as commercial and event.  Buffie has won numerous awards regionally, national, as well as internationally for her work, including portraits, animal, industrial and fine art. She counts being a featured artist at Epcots International Flower and garden Festival at Walt Disney world as her favourite professional achievement outside working with local clients.


Tuesday, July 19, 2022

11 am – 11:45 am

Talk Title: Music Therapy…What is that, anyway?

Presenter: Megan Mollins

Description: If you have wondered what music therapy is about, you’re in luck - this talk will answer that very question. Megan Mollins will be covering the basics of music therapy, and how music can be used in a therapeutic environment to help people achieve their goals.


About the Presenter: Megan Mollins, BMT, MTA, obtained her Bachelor of Music Therapy from Acadia University in Wolfville, Nova Scotia. During her time at Acadia, she received training working with children and young adults with developmental delays, and seniors in long-term care. Following her graduation in 2015, Megan moved to Calgary, Alberta to complete her internship at the Alberta Children’s Hospital, where she was rewarded with the experience of working in inpatient settings with children and youth with various medical diagnoses. After completing her internship, Megan returned to the east coast, acquired her accreditation, and began her journey as a clinician. She gained more experience working with children, youth, and in long term care homes, while living in Fredericton, New Brunswick before moving back to her beautiful home place Prince Edward Island in May 2019. She joined the Singing Sands Music Therapy team in September of 2021.


Megan is classically trained in piano, and enjoys playing a variety of other instruments, including guitar, voice, drums/percussion, and flute. She loves the challenge of learning how to play instruments independently – Her next project is learning how to play mandolin and ukulele. 

In her spare time, you can catch Megan spending time with family, drawing or painting, exploring the newest video game online, or socializing with friends at the local coffee shop. 


Wednesday, July 20, 2022  

11:00 am - 12 Noon

Author Reading: 

Author: Sheila Kaine Forsyth

Book Title:  “No More Seas”

Description:  Shelia Forsyth will read from her book, “No More Seas,” a story set in a Maritime small town, in the 1960s, where childhood friends face the universal challenge of growing up.  Revelling in nature, dealing with their first taste of fragility, facing death, and burgeoning with joy, “No More Seas” takes the reader on a ride with Sarah, a buoyant, life-loving teen.


About the Author:  Sheila Kaine Forsyth, a writer and a scientist, brings her life experiences, humour and love of nature, science, and story into her work.  She has written screenplays, poetry, articles, scientific reports, children’s curriculum, stage plays (often with a woman’s and environmental theme), and more.  She is also a visual artist and a musician. 

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