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Summerside Arts Festival Drive-Thru Art Show

The Drive-Thru Art Show is a wonderfully unique component of the Summerside Arts Festival. Prince Street, which runs through the Wyatt Heritage Properties in the historic district of downtown Summerside, becomes an outdoor art gallery during the three-day festival. The large linden and chestnut trees provide a canopy for the exhibit which lines the street.

Original works of art are photographed and enlarged to 4 x 6-foot images displayed on easels placed on each side of the street. People slowly drive down the street enjoying the beauty of the work from the comfort of their vehicle. Walkers sometime get in the mix with the desire to see the works a little closer. People are invited to drive through as many times as they wish. Donations are gratefully accepted.

On display for the 2023 Summerside Arts Festival Drive-Thru Art Show are the works of twenty-one Island artists ranging in age from seventeen to ninety-five. Several mediums are represented.

The 2023 artists and title works are:


Jana Wong - Nap in a Forest - Painting
Gabby Cierra - Freedom - Painting
Anh Wong - Lobster Roll - Painting
Phyllis Gay - Beautiful Forever - Painting
Pam Detlor - Attitude - Painting
June Ellis - Beach Rock at Darnley - Painting
Verena Matthew - Canola Field at Springbrook - Photograph
Amanda Ferrish - Serenity - Painting
Grace Stetson - Watching the Brood - Painting
Wilfred Thompson -  What Fiona Left Behind - Woodturning
Simon Hashie - A Secret Hideaway - Photograph
Carol Karr - Salt Marsh Heron by Wilmot Valley - Painting
Eddy Schwartz - 74 Granville Street - Painting
Vicki MacLean - Moody Sunset over Summerside Harbour - Painting
Mary McCarvill - Tiger - Dragon? Rug hooking
David Richard - Carving - Mi’kmaq Carving
King Kxndi – Free Mind - Sketch
Maria Lyon - Where is Minou? - Painting
Arno Freitag - Marshmallows - Painting
Shelia Forsyth - Shore Laundry - Painting  
Leona Arsenault - Out of the Sea - Photograph 

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