Sixty Days of Fame
Exhibit Series

MacNaught History Centre and Archives Welcomes
New Fall Exhibit


The exhibit Spaciousness by Summerside artist, Lucie B. Bellemare kicks off the fall season of Sixty Days of Fame
series at the MacNaught History Centre and Archives.


Bellemare describes the exhibit as exploring the spaces within her work. As a painter, she works spontaneously to let the unexpected offer meanings, rhythms, and truth.

Spaciousness is about inhaling, exhaling, leaving spaces to understand the voids filled with “je ne sais quoi.” The works are accompanied by stream of consciousness prose. Bellemare says she was excited to let inspiration take her in a new direction in producing the works for the exhibit. Many of the works have come out of her travels that have allowed her to strip away identity and discover her true form.


Spaciousness can be viewed Tuesday through Saturday from 10 am to 4 pm at MacNaught History Centre and Archives, 75 Prince Street. Admission is free. Spaciousness is on display throughout October and November.

Artist Lucie B. Bellemare

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